Waterproofing & Sewer Repair

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WATERPROOFING!  The first mistake a homeowner can make is to call a waterproofing only company.  Years of experience has shown us that not all houses need complete waterproofing.  The first question we ask our self is where is the water coming from?  Blocked down spout pipes and blocked outlet pipes for downspouts and footer tile pipes may be the main reason for a wet basement.  Upon answering a few questions and at times inspection of basement we find blocked or crushed outlet pipes for downspouts and footer tiles contributing to water back up around foundation.  By inspecting these outlet pipes using a camera to determine blockage many times snaking and or sewer jetting these outlet pipes may correct water issues and save thousands of dollars and eliminate digging around foundation.  If it is determined that all of these pipes are flowing free at this time excavation of basement and waterproofing may be needed at determined areas of basement.  Although we offer full waterproofing services this is not always necessary.  Our goal is to do the best to find where and how the water is entering your house first before excavating.  This is the most important objective of repairing a wet basement!!   Our service technicians will gladly meet with you to determine what is needed to correct all of your waterproofing issues.

Sewer Repair and Replacement

We offer a full service of complete sewer replacements and repairs,  if for sanitary sewers from house to septic tank or from house to sanitary sewers mains at street.  All types of repairs and replacement for drainage for yards and installations of catch basins for landscaping and driveways.  Replacement or repairs on sewers for downspouts and footer tile pipes around house and outlets. With today’s technology the use of cameras can locate and see crushed and broken pipes to allow excavation with pin point accuracy and very little destruction to landscaping.