Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning

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Our Septic Cleaning Service Includes

Locating and digging of septic lids up to 12″ deep.  Pumping of septic tank and visual inspection of tanks condition to determine if tanks regular scheduled cleaning date is sufficient or if tank needs cleaning more frequently to protect secondary treatment system which may consist of leach field, filter bed or other types of filtration system.  Our service technicians, if weather permitting will also visually check for any signs of issues of concern.  Homeowner will be advised of any corrections needed to system.  If homeowner is not present a note on invoice will be left to call office.  This service is a courtesy and can not be used as an inspection for any point of sales.  Additional and more thorough evaluation can be performed per homeowners request, but may require an additional fee.


Septic Tank Pumping & Maintenance

Unfortunately there are many different opinions on how often septic tanks should be pumped and different types of systems that may have aeration tanks which also need pumping.  Many counties and townships require every 2 year cleaning, although, larger families may require every year cleaning and households with two or less persons may not require cleaning as frequent.  We refer to cleaning of septic tanks and aeration tanks as changing oil in your vehicle.  Although you do not notice the change in performance you are extending the longevity of your vehicles engine at the same you are extending the longevity of your secondary treatment system, which could consist of a leach field, filter bed or other filtration devices saving thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements of systems.  Typical replacement of systems can cost between $12,000.00 and up to and over $40,000.00.!!


Where the Septic Tank Waste Goes

After pumping of septic tanks waste is hauled to a sewage treatment plant where it is then processed by separating all non bio degradable materials and then processing and purifying the remaining waste through the sewage treatment plant for a fee that is already included in the cost of your cleaning.  Although some pumping companies are still able to land apply waste at a lesser cost, it is starting to become harder to do as more development of our area increases, therefore, forcing our company to use authorized dumping facilities at a greater cost.


How Much Does Septic Cleaning Typically Cost?

A normal cost for pumping septic tanks can cost between $225.00 to $425.00 and up.  Depending on septic  size and volume of septic tanks and aeration tanks.  Some homes can have as many as three (3) 1,000 gallon tanks.  Extra charge may be acquired for  extra time – locating and digging of septic tanks.  Also, for extra gallons of waste pumped due to failing systems.  Please ask about these extra charges when contacting us.!