Electric Sewer Snaking & Sewer Water Jetting

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What is Electric Sewer Snaking?

Electric sewer snaking is still the most commonly practiced way to unblock almost any sewer.  Using our RIGID KM1500 electric snaking machine with our 1 1/4″ diameter cables and wide variety of cutting heads can basically break through almost any blockage.  Even the toughest tree roots can cut and removed, depending upon distance of blockage from entrance of sewer.  It is an excellent way of cutting corrosion from inside of steel and cast iron pipes, although, sewer jetting may also be needed to remove corrosion settlement from sewer due to this material becoming very heavy and not easily flushed from sewer with just normal water flow.  Although our equipment is some of best in the industry,  unfortunately it will not cut through broken and collapsed plastic and clay tile sewers.

What is Water Sewer Jetting?

With today’s modern portable sewer jet machines we are are now able to clean sewers from as small as 4″ and up to as large as 8″ without the cost of large equipment.  Our portable machines use water from your house at rate of 4 gallons per minute at 3,400 PSI’s to effectively clean waste, grease, mud and other debris from all types of sewers,  including footer tile, downspouts and main sanitary lines.  Although sewer jetting can remove some tree roots from sewers it is recommended that tree roots be cut with electric snake first and then may need to be removed with sewer jetting.

How Much Does Electric Sewer Snaking and  Water Sewer Jetting Typically Cost?

Normal charge for electric sewer snaking and water sewer jetting is rated at $200.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum for 2 men. (Pricing subject to change due to driving distance of job site and weather conditions.  Please call for an exact quote).  This will also include minor hand digging and excavating to enter sewers and would also include any snaking and camera inspecting and locating of sewers.  Can be extra charge for material for minor repairs to sewer and installation of clean out tees to be installed for easier future work.